First Year



"Preserving the integrity, stability, and beauty of the humans"

It is believed that engineering and science are, by their very nature, humanistic and socially derived enterprises. Hence a complete science and technology education must include professional communication, phonetics, economics, social and behavioral sciences where the students unite application of scientific principles along with human, moral and social understanding. The Department of Humanities plays a vital and distinctive role in an institute where the ethos of science and technology prevails.

Department of Humanities aims at widening the nature of exposure that engineers of today require to survive and excel in their respective fields. Major focus of the department is on imparting language skills to engineering students; since besides their technical expertise engineers need to be well trained to tackle all problems that may arise from time to time in industry. While the practice in English arms the students for the corporate life. Engineers are not only the harbingers of development, they have also to work towards sustained growth and extract the maximum benefit out of limited resources. Industry does not need engineers who can manage machines only, in fact, industry is all about managing the available resources.

The Department of Humanities imparts valuable education to UG students of the various engineering disciplines and caters to their needs in the areas of English, technical communication, technical report writing. In the process greater emphasis is laid surfing through Internet, verbal and non-verbal communication, writing skills. The department has a Language Laboratory which exposes the students to latest language software. By learning to correct their pronunciation, accent & intonation, students improve their communication skills and learn different variations in English expression. The Department supports the engineering departments in enhancing the management and soft skills of the students.

English & Humanities Department’s pedagogy is a mix of classroom teaching, audio/video systems and regular assignments on usage, passage, grammar, vocabulary and phonetics. The aim of the department is to help students excel in every sphere of life with the help of English Language. The department regularly organizes GDs, Presentations, Personal Interviews, and Extempore to help students develop communication skills in English language. The department conducts extra classes for students come from Hindi & Marathi medium background to bring them at par. The department has well developed soft skills Lab with sophisticated multimedia systems. The software covers English Mastery and Pronunciation skills. It includes listening comprehension, speaking & pronunciation, reading & writing comprehension, diction and other fundamentals of English grammar.

The Department encourages the students to participate in debates, quiz programme, presentations, role-plays etc. to improve their communication skills. They are trained to write business letters, intra-office memos of various types, lab reports, and proposals etc. Essays on topics of technical interest also from part of the student work routine. In the language lab the students are taught the skillful usage of English in communicating engineering and business ideas clearly and effectively. Apart from academics, the department is special in having classes in communication skills and personality development in the third and fourth years as well. All these classes involve conversation, extempore, role-play and group discussion etc. to provide real-life experience.


1. To focus on the LSRW skills, i.e., the pstening, Speaking, Reading and Writing abipties of students so as to create communication skills that are cohesive and effective.

2. To develop the vocal and written skills of students.

3. Develop Engpsh skills, enriching their interpersonal skills, enhancing their confidence levels and marginapzing their first language influence.

4. To faciptate the placement process by conducting group discussions and mock interviews regularly.

5. To fine tune the various aspects of their personapty in order to face the challenges and growing demands of the corporate sector.

6. Hopstic development of the engineering students.