First Year

Applied Chemistry



Engineering Chemistry and Material Chemistry is taught in First and Second Semester of B. E respectively. The basic objective of this subject is to develop necessary skills and abilities to succeed in engineering education. The Department has been engaged in opening interesting world of Chemistry to students. The emphasis is given on knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of chemistry and its applications in industry, environment and social context. The course content includes water quality management, environmental pollution, corrosion, lubricants, fuels and combustion and recently developing nano-chemistry area. Environmental Studies course, a mandatory course for under-graduate is taught to the students of third and fourth semesters of engineering to create a concern for our environment that will trigger pro-environmental action.

The areas of expertise and research of faculty members include Organic, Analytical and Physical Chemistry. Active participation of faculty in various training programs enable students to keep pace with developments in chemical sciences, which help in providing continual updates and hence to produce engineers who excel in industry and research. Every year visit of B.E students to various industries aid in enriching their practical knowledge and also provide an exposure to industrial environment.

Vision statement

An effective Teaching – Learning adjunct to cater the need of industry in the context of the developing needs of the country. The Chemistry Department envisions that it will be recognized by institutions of higher learning for excellence in teaching, mentorship of students, and in research in chemistry.


Mission statement

Dissemination and stimulation of scientific curiosity and general intellectual objectives aimed at producing matured and conscious citizens for human success and development.


Areas of Research

Organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and thermodynamics.

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