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Applied Physics



Department of Applied Physics, DMIETR, Sawangi (Meghe) established in the year 2008 with the establishment of institute. Experienced faculty of the Department is devoted in teaching and research in their respective areas of specialization. Teaching and Research are given equal importance by the faculty of the department. Extra care is taken to pay individual attention to the students in their laboratory work and tutorial sessions. Assignments and problem sessions are encouraged to develop innovative and analytical approach to physics learning. Topical seminars by experts of nearby institutes are arranged to create research-awareness amongst students.

The Department of Physics is located centrally on the DMIETR campus and is housed on the ground floor of Academic Building. Students, faculty, and staff have access to world-class facilities for learning, teaching and research.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Physics to provide learning experiences based on the best educational practices for all students served by the department. For students of department, it is our intention to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the field of physics while taking their physics courses. This comprehensive knowledge is defined as: a knowledge of course content, awareness of field specialties, awareness of work requirements, a respect for ethnic and gender diversity in the workplace, interaction with the scientific community through internships and invited interactions with professionals in the field, and competitive skills in computers, laboratory techniques, and literacy. We strive for clear communication among students, faculty and staff.

Vision Statement

Scientific Vision: We envision our students becoming skilled and competent in the basic disciplines of Applied Physics.

Academic vision: We envision our students becoming academically well rounded. We expect our students to be capable of expressing their knowledge of a variety of topics in a clear and concise manner.

Intellectual vision: We envision our students continually increasing their intellect and critical thinking capabilities through academic challenges, life experiences and personal contemplation.

Professional vision: We envision our students becoming marketable and capable professionals.
Technology vision: We envision our students as capable users of technology. This includes but is not limited to the ability to use: word-processing, spreadsheets, statistical analysis, presentation software, web-browsers, and databases.

Societal vision: We envision our students as knowledgeable, productive, successful members of society who respect diversity. This vision includes elements of community service, citizenship, respect for the environment, tolerance of others, and awareness of humanity.

Personal vision: We envision our students as confident individuals who continually seek self growth. Students will be able to work in teams or alone with confidence, flexibility and strength. The students will reflect upon and re-direct themselves as the world around them changes.

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