Mechanical Engineering

Student's Association



MESA, the Mechanical Engineering Students' Association of DMIETR, Wardha aims to play a pivotal role in the development of students as engineers by various out-of-curriculum and extra-curricular activities. MESA aims to inculcate among its members an awareness and appreciation of the various disciplines of not just Mechanical Engineering but also other relevant fields. By way of its activities MESA aims to be a platform for all the students of DMIETR, Wardha in general and particularly of the students of ME department. MESA seeks to be an active organization of the ME    
department at DMIETR, Wardha which promotes their career interests.
   Student Members were selected on the basis of interview.


1. To develop organizational skills among the students.
2. To facilitate different forums of student members like Innovation Club forum, Paper Publications Forum, Extracurricular Activity Forum, Academic Forum etc.
3. To develop leadership skills among students.
4. To conduct different technical events for students within and outside the department.
5. To ease functioning of student related activities.

 MESA body

  • Faculty Coordinators: Mr. Harish V. Katore, Ms. H.A.Nasare, Mr. S.S.Jagtap
  • Student Members were selected on the basis of interview.
  • The following student are selected for the different post in MESA body:
    • President: Ms. Ashwarya Datey
    • Vice President: Mr Anshul Nakhate
    • Secretary: Ms.Gunjan Pariyal
    • Joint Secretaries:
      • Mr. Gaurav Wadode
      • Mr. Saif Sayyed

      1. Coordinator, Innovation Club forum:

      • Mr. Amit Raut
      • Ms.Radhika Trivedi
        • Members of Innovation Club forum:
        • Mr. Tejas Navare
        • Mr.Kartik Sahu
        • Ms.Vrushali Karde
        • Ms,Vaidehi  Chapey

      2. Coordinator, Paper Publications Forum :

      • Mr. Ankit Deshmukh
      • Ms. Swati Niwal
        • Members of Paper Publications Forum:
        • Mr. Mayuresh Gultkar
        • Mr. Piyush Hadke
        • Ms.Gayatri Chouhan
        • Ms. Shivani Dhandal

      3. Coordinator, Extracurricular Activity Forum :

      • Mr. Bhushan Chawade
      • Ms. Triveni Rathi
        • Members of Extracurricular Activity Forum:
        • Mr. Piyush Nagtode,
        • Mr. Anand Paranjape
        • Ms. Nidhi Telrandhe
        • Ms. Shweta Dafle

      4. Coordinator, Academic Forum :

      • Mr. Chetan Waghmare
      • Ms. Diksha Waghmare
        • Members of Academic Forum:
        • Ms Vrushali Chamatkar
        • Ms. Pranali Taksande
        • Mr. Sanket Fulmali
        • Mr. Pravin Madawkar

      5. Coordinator, Discipline Forum :

      • Mr. Mayuresh Zaparde
      • Mr. Mangesh Bhusari
        • Members of Academic Forum:
        • Mr. Shubham Moon
        • Mr. Gauraw Pistulkar
        • Mr. Prathmesh Thakre
        • Mr. Jitendrasingh Rajput

      6. Coordinator, Discipline Forum :

      • Mr. Palash Padilwar
      • Ms. Shraddha Panbude
        • Members of Academic Forum:
        • Mr. Mrudul Pande
        • Mr. Manish Paliwal
        • Ms. Roshani Chawde
        • Ms. Rutuja Patil