First Year

Engineering Drawing



From very early days, man realized that if he has to construct any structure or machine correctly and methodically, he must first record his ideas before starting of construction work. These recorded ideas become more powerful if they are shown on paper in form of a drawing. By means of drawing, the shape, size and construction of any object (no matter how complex) can be described accurately and clearly. With the progress of science and technology, drawing language is also standardized, so that it could be understood globally.

Indeed, Technical drawing is the language of engineering”.

Without a good knowledge of engineering Drawing, engineers and scientists are nowhere. An engineer or a scientist needs skill in three areas: first, he must be able to imagine secondly, he must be able to draw clearly and rapidly, thirdly, he must be able to read the drawings drawn by others. By studying engineering Drawing, student becomes aware of how industry communicates technical information. Engineering Drawing teaches the principles of accuracy and clarity in presenting the information necessary to produce products. Finally it develops the imagination skill that is essential to the creation of successful design.