Electronics Engineering

Student's Association


Teacher Incharge:-
Prof. D. S. Bhade

Student President:-
Mr. Rikesh Vaidya Vice- President:-
Ms. Tejaswini Badhe

Mr.Akash Chunne
Ms. Anuja Dhole

Mr. Spursh Naredi
Ms.Anjali Tapase

Electronics Engineering Students Tech-Eminent Committee (EESTEC)  was established in academic year 2012 – 13 to provide a common platform for the student members to exchange ideas and information on the topics of their interest e.g. curriculum, employment/higher educational opportunities, emerging trends, new development etc.

The EESTEC Students Forum shall have the following broad objectives:

  • Counseling the students in the emerging new opportunities.
  • To plan and organize technical programmes and activities, such as, workshops, seminars, symposia, exhibitions etc for the benefit of student members on a regular basis.
  • To encourage team work and the spirit of self-reliance among the student members.
  • To serve as a focal point at the institution on all aspects of professional development of the student members.
Prof. D. S. Bhade/ Prof.R.V.Golhar
(Teacher Incharge)
Mr. Rikesh Vaidya
(Student President)
Prof. Rashmi Pandhare