Administrative Officer

Administrative Officer

Mayur Deshpande

Administrative Officer DMIETR

Dear young budding Engineers, at the outset I would like to convey my regards and best wishes to each one of you and the members of your family.

Our perseverance and endeavour is guided by our vision to transform the lives of our students, through exemplary education and training, their journey of discovery, understanding, awareness and perfection of cutting edge knowledge, skills and competencies.

The Datta Meghe Institute of Engineering Technology & Research have state of the art infrastructure, facilities, ambience and organizational culture, to nurture thinking and understanding needed in pursuit of perfect professional knowledge and competence.

It is our pride to make you part of this huge family and we have no doubts left that you will live upto the expectations. These 4 years are going to be challenging physically and intellectually. However at the end, you are moulded into quality engineering professionals at par with any International standards.

So prepare yourself, let the energy flow, let the success knock at your doorstep and let the dreams get realized.