Language Lab Facility

Language Lab Facility

Students aspiring for a career in Engineering and Technology need to have mastery over the basic language skills. So an interactive language lab facility has been provided for the students at Datta Meghe Institute of Engineering, Technology & Research.

What is a Language Lab?

The Language Laboratory is an audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching. They can be found, amongst other places, in schools, universities and academies. Perhaps the first lab was at the University of Grenoble. In the 1950s up until the 1990s, they were tape based systems using reel to reel or (latterly) cassette. Current installations are generally multimedia PCs. The original language labs are now very outdated. They allowed a teacher to listen to and manage student audio via a hard-wired analogue tape deck based systems with 'sound booths' in fixed locations.

The next generation digital language labs allow teachers to monitor, control, deliver, group, display, review and collect, audio, video and web based multimedia content. The student player is linked to the teacher console and can play audio, video and web based formats. Students can rewind, stop, start, go back to last silence, record, fast forward, repeat phrase and bookmark.

Language Lab at DMIETR

Datta Meghe Institute of Engineering, Technology & Research has an AC Language Lab with around 40 PCs which run the licensed Language Software. The Language Software used is from ‘Sanako’, which a technology company is developing language teaching solutions. Sanako Multimedia learning solutions have been designed for use on PCs, providing tutors live interaction with students. The Language Software engages and stimulates students to learn languages by doing, develop lessons easily with predefined activities, individualize teaching, monitor and record students’ progress, improves even the most difficult to teach elements, pronunciation and intonation, with model imitation and a wide array of discussion activities, important self-evaluation enabled by recording student speech and exercises, stay in control with features such as Internet blocking and Application control, assign and collect homework, use a wide selection of media sources, convert existing materials easily into mp3s or create new material on the go, collaborate with students by using the interactive whiteboard and marker tool, Optimized wireless performance.