SMS Parents

SMS Parents

Parents worry endlessly about the well being of their children & are keen to know what's happening at the college & how their child is faring.

Parents to be informed about Attendance

For the college, attempting to locate and notify parents or guardians that their child is absent, is often just as difficult as locating missing students. With SMS, parents and guardians are automatically alerted via SMS messages to their mobile phones, making it an easy, time saving and fault-free way to record real-time student attendance.


Many students do not inform about their results to their parents, especially those who fail. The Parents will be alerted & updated with the results of their child through SMS, so that they can take the corrective measures for their child as early as possible.

Crculars / Special announcements

Gone are those days when long circulars need to be printed and photocopied in large numbers for distribution. A simple & crisp SMS can deliver the same information and be highly cost effective. Parents will be informed about the various activities and also about the Teacher parent meet.